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Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda is from São Paulo, SP. Graduated by the Institut Supérieur d`Agriculture Rhône Alpes, Lyon, France. He has a Masters and Doctorate degree in Ecology by University of Montpellier, France and a hundred technical and scientific works published in Brazil and abroad. He is the author of more than 50 books, among which stands out “Shades of Green”, “Agriculture in Brazil of the XXI Century” and “Botanic Gardens of Brazil”, and has chapters in 30 books. Professor-advisor, accredited in master’s degrees from USP and UNICAMP, is director of the “Science and Faith Institute” (Curitiba). He works with sustainable development and in his research on territorial management of agribusiness seeks to reconcile environmental protection and agricultural production. In his career he has already conducted research in all states of the Federation. He was a consultant to the World Conference on the Environment, Rio-92, and advises IDRC, FAO, UNESCO, World Bank, IICA and other national and international entities. He publishes in magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, Terra da Gente, Agroanalysis, Agro DBO, ECO 21, A Tribuna, Jornal da Universidade, O Estado de São Paulo etc and participates in the editorial board of several magazines. For eight years he worked in a weekly program on agribusiness of EPTV / Globo and is an agroculture commentator at Rede Bandeirantes de Rádio e Televisão. He was Embrapa Satellite Monitoring Director in the 1989-1991 and 2005-2009. He led, among others, the projects: Burns Orbital Monitoring, Brazil Seen from Space, Brazil in Relief, Orbital Monitoring of PAC Works and Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure of Agroenergy. Between prizes and awards he received: the Rio Branco Order, the Military Merit Order, the April Prize for Journalism (Science Category), the Peacemaker Medal, the Newton Freire-Maia Prize, the Merit ABCZ Commendation and the Campinas/SP Citizen. Member of FIESP’s Superior Agribusiness Council. He was coordinator in the Presidency of the Republic Secretariat for Monitoring and Institutional Studies.